The cop hopefully will be locked up for life but these low life looters and arsonists Peace love mickey shirt will damage the support everyone has for peaceful protesters. They don’t want justice, they went out to break in and steal from stores. You brits don’t realize that these injustices happen in Democrat run cities. The project their own actions on the right. The media pushes the left narrative. This is a distraction that happens every 2 years election time. This is not about justice for George or anyone else. It’s an excuse to steal, kill, and destroy.

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At what point are you honouring the dead with looting Peace love mickey shirt and causing mayhem, no you are disrupting the livelihood of others effectively dishonouring George, no you are not honouring him or making a point if you are looting, you just satisfying yourself. Just as I predicted excuse for rioting and looting it has always happened with them, the man died in America not the UK. That’s what they called, they are on the land of freedom and braves.

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    Bought for my 32yr old guitar crazy son who can by the way play good. Anyway he loved the T.shirt morteef was good and the material was good and it washed great. Will be getting more for xmas.

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    Product was excellent quality and arrived early, in very good quality packaging

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    On the ball, from every angle…

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