The first experiment she was subjected to involved being kept in a small wooden cage with Peace love mama bear shirt and being given painful injections in her back she doesn’t know why, but thinks it may have been an attempt to change the colour of her eyes. In another experiment, she says, the pair of them and more than 100 other twins were given injections of bacteria that cause Noma disease an infection of the mouth or genitals, which causes boils and often turns gangrenous. Some twins became feverish, and some died, she says. She also remembers Mengele reacting angrily when twins went missing once when this had happened she stared him out to prove he could not completely dominate her.

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Grabbing a big pack of family photos Peace love mama bear shirt, her mother and sister, fled the camp, only to be caught and beaten and thrown back into the barracks. The following day, Soviet troops entered Auschwitz. The soldiers, she says, brought these striped coats and told us to put them on and roll up our sleeves, so we could show our numbers. Children at Auschwitz show the identification numbers printed on their arms they filmed us, the children. They wanted to know what happened to us and Mengele’s experiments. Everything was written down.

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