No longer a case of the actual people involved making public statements just reports of Peace love jeep shirt that someone said somewhere to someone. If only we had a credible government and a reliable News outlet. Who knows what the truth is. The Torys are such liars my natural instinct is to disbelieve them. I notice she didn’t deny her bullying of staff though. Denying any of their actions are wrong, because they are psychopaths/sociopaths and have no moral compass. You missed this one in the reshuffle; she is distrusted by many her arrogance is beyond belief.

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She had to resign after secret meetings with Peace love jeep shirt officials to divert money to their illegal occupation forces in Palestine the same ones condemned by UNICEF and the UN for war crimes against civillians and children in particular. It’s the people on the end of the bullying, not the one who does not think they are bullying that should be listened to. That might be her way and she does not realise it comes across as bullying, or she knows exactly what she is doing but is dismissing it. She obviously has a reputation that goes before her though, and you cant stop people not trusting you either because of it.

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