Plus, it’s absurd to think it could functionally privatize in just a few months Peace love Jcpenney shirt. Aside from this, most Americans want to keep the USPS. And like most other people, you conveniently left out the mandated prefunding. Well, it was the government’s decision to shut down the economy instead of simply quarantining those at highest risk while letting the economy continue. Guess the public sector USPS is learning that it depends on a thriving private sector. If they can bailout the airlines, they can bailout the postal service. The government better do something drastic or this country is going to suffer a meltdown. There are those that don’t blame Trump but I do. He called his pandemic a hoax all through February instead of acting quickly. Now we’re in deep and pray that God we don’t get deeper.

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The United States Postal Service has been a Peace love Jcpenney shirt Endeavor since its Inception they’ve been losing money for years now this is nothing new. Unlike the TDS sufferers who can’t sit through his press conferences, I watch them all. China travel ban in January when Fauxi was on tv downplaying the seriousness of this virus. This has gone on way before Trump. Your comment clearly shows you blame others for your problems. I’m sure people who know you agree. Most people who hate Trump are just like you.

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