Think it was beeching that decimated rail network. Was he conservative Peace love easter shirt. It’s like they aren’t even reading what you wrote before they answer you. if you have any evidence if this, take it to the relevant authorities. Or try the Observer, Sunday Times they’d love it. Beeching was totally misguided and did not understand what the term public transport means. I don’t think he had ever used public transport, from what I remember and have been told he was usually driven everywhere. Best stop all progress and development then. Because we should aspire to a fully joined up road and rail network lessening the need for cars. Smart motorways kill people because they are a stupid idea.

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So what’s your insightful alternative for reinvigorating the Peace love easter shirt, given that every leading global economist says that investing in big public infrastructure projects is the key to driving new development and creating prosperity through the associated knock-on benefits. Spot on, the politicians have to make up their shortfall when funding the EU comes to an end. Meanwhile in the private sector you can read about inefficiency of contracts in the news. Sounds like good news to me, at least we know about it.

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