What she finally wants to say something from her manor park house jog on mrs your Peace love Captain Morgan shirt to late you keep i. Hiding and keep on feasting on ur plentiful food whilst workers go to work without essential PPE and dangerous 5g masts are getting flung up all over Uk which will result in cancer rates rocketing. What can she possibly say that would matter? This pandemic has proved that wealth, fame, governments, and religion mean absolutely zero and that the frontline, key workers and the communities are the backbone of society and should be remembered as such for future times of need. We don’t need words, we need action.

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The millions she’s got stashed in her private account in Peace love Captain Morgan shirt for a start. That woman’s personal wealth is a disgrace. She pays for nothing from cradle to grave. She’s a constitutional figurehead. Cromwell made the British Isles a mass republic, English people decided they couldn’t live without one, and put the Stuart monarchy back on the throne. Which is why we are where we are. To be fair if the politicians want footballers to reach into their pockets they can ask her as well.

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