Wifi going on in this country high street shops closed Peace love bulldogs shirt and they intend to let a lot of criminals lose to do their Christmas shopping early and if the prison staff can’t manage over this period send in the troops to enforce lock down. Not as if they can Rob anything we on lock down. They should still be they should stay where they are lock down and stop visits they are more safe In jail than we are out ere. Great this will make space for all those ignoring lock down rules and not paying fines while the criminals are on the street.

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We are about to enter a huge social Peace love bulldogs shirt we are experiencing an upturn in crime already this is madness. Because the first thing you need in a lockdown culture is people that have demonstrated that they cannot follow the rules and laws of society. Notorious for obeying the letter and spirit of the law, obviously once released, they’re bound to want to stay in some more aren’t they. So basically it’s, those that should be locked up can be released, and those that are free need to be locked up.

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