I think it’s been around since late last year twice in Peace love bree mom hugs shirt I was really unwell within the space of a few weeks and never in my 49 years have I been so poorly twice in the space of that time, I was bedbound for about a week both times constantly sleeping couldn’t smell or taste and cough and a high temperature which I ended up with an inhaler from my doctor. I have been wondering ever since the news of the virus wether that’s what I had or not and won’t ever know unless we get given the antibody test wether I had it or not.

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Yes sure my Husband I had this early December. My husband had it more severe then me. He is a mild asmatic. Has never used his inhaler so much. I made him stay in a sitting position in bed for three nights. I imagine China only decided to inform the world about the new virus when sufficient numbers of people were being hospitalised with respiratory problems and then dying. It was obviously brewing in the population for a few months already with many patients suffering few or transient symptoms comparable with seasonal flu or cold viruses.

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