Please be all means those who are advocating being injected Peace love axolotl shirt, for us common folk, when they ask, make sure you film and post the experience for the world to see as opposed to just saying one has had a test. No offence but if you wish to be Guinea pig in the name of Science and give some grief at their questioning of such methodologies, please remember that science has at its core the critique and systemic observations of formulation, testing and experimentation. And for those who seem to forget such experiments being made for the greater good may I ask you to refer to the following, which happened within some of our lifetimes. Lest we forget.

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Some of the children, now elderly, have little memory of the experiments Peace love axolotl shirt others have memories that may not be 100% accurate says Mengele removed organs from people without anaesthetic, and if one twin died the other would be murdered. Vera Kriegel says that he killed people with an injection to the heart, and then dissected them. She remembers being ushered into his laboratory. I was looking at a whole wall of human eyes. A wall of blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes. These eyes they were staring at me like a collection of butterflies and I fell down on the floor.

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