Taking into cognisance the above three factors Paw dog Sorry my children bark shirt, all these are essential for living a useful life. A healthy balance between the three makes our life happy, purposeful and challenging. If we leave one and follow two, our dream of living a meaningful life is defeated. Or you are the best judge to ascertain which one you can follow and which you can leave. I believe you can reduce every answer anyone would ever give to this question, after taking their psychology and the associations they make between things which are often illusory in nature as happiness.

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And I don’t mean pleasure Paw dog Sorry my children bark shirt. There’s a huge difference. Happiness is the freedom from suffering, and the ability to have an equally positive attitude to situations regardless of their context. How is this possible. You may ask well it isn’t, not entirely. Some people are of course closer to it than others at a particular point in time. It’s what everyone strives for, however. Even when people answer this external factor, they are associating that as a thing they need to be happy.

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