They have said up to a hours exercise a day as long as they are keeping two meters apart from everyone who is not a member of their household Paraprofessional 2020 quarantine shirt, yes they aren’t breaking any regulations. See, very easy to understand. A government official said unofficially, maximum 1 hour for exercise. Hence the confusion. You only need to quickly scan through this thread for evidence that it is confusing for others too. Special people clearly. Read my post for an explanation to how it can be confusing. Do you know how to read. Or are you special. So if you live in a household of 6, your allowed to go out together.

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I’ve seen this article. And my point is, unless the 1 hour limit is incorporated Paraprofessional 2020 quarantine shirt, there will always be people who don’t adhere to it. I have made this point about three times, you really must have some learning disabilities. You don’t know what the rules are. Tell me then, can you go for one 5 hour walk. I mean speed limits and parking restrictions are confusing some people, but we can’t cater for everyone. Officially announce, no more than 1 hour per outside exercise. Or, you can’t be exercising more than 1km from your home. Other countries have done this and managed to get more idiots in their societies to listen. The assumption yeah everyone will exercise common sense is a wrong assumption. I’m sounding like a broken record now.

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