Both are equally beautiful from their respective perspective Papillon Love me you must shirt. However, dying from moment to moment, is perhaps the most beautiful of all. This needs to be understood. Let us first understand the context and then set a context to understand this reply. A general understanding is, life means earth-life and death means the end of earth-life. Let us begin by widening this context, because there is a type of life even after death. It is a very different life, which we do not consciously experience during our earth-life. So there is actually continuity of life, and no death at all; only the circumstances and the experience changes states. Each has its own charm and beauty; each has its share of joys and suffering. The two just cannot be compared.

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Let us now look at a broader meaning of Papillon Love me you must shirt. Death implies an end, and end to everything. It is physical ending as well as psychological ending. When we are living we carry a burden of memories which keeps growing from our childhood until we die. There is love, affection and fond relationship together with pleasant memories, which is good and welcome. But there is also sorrow, hatred, prejudices, divisiveness and suffering. We cant have one and do away with the other the two are closely inter-weaved and co-existent.

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