This is the pill the BBC went ballistic when Panda danger pandemic shirt said he takes it calling him. We need to destroy the world economy and throw all of mankind into poverty. As a child during the 1990s chloroquine was used as the primary treatment for malaria. I still remember the only symptoms to be itching skin never heard of rapid heartbeat. The drawback being that if it is efficacious the Orange deplorable will be crowing about his genius forever. Just what we need. A thorough study which will prove one way or another if this is rubbish.

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Simply another attention seeking publicity stunt Panda danger pandemic shirt. What can be learned from the past few months is the over riding need to create a vaccine, how to find a way to reduce the impact the symptoms of people who have COVID 19. Doesn’t he have shares or owns part of the company that makes this drug. So telling everyone he’s taking this medication will only increase his profits, Whilst causing a frenzy and making it harder for people who actually need the drug to stay alive none covid related to get it because now everyone’s taking it as a precaution.

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