It’s because they usually hire foreigners from abroad and pay them peanuts Overwatch social distance training since 2015 shirt. But obviously this year they can’t because of travel ban. It certainly won’t be 3 times what is a good wage. Most likely minimum wage. No shame in it for me. If I wasn’t on furlough and needed money I would take any job offered. Unfortunately some people think manual labour jobs are below them. Very sure that only you have said anything about shame. I understand it’s minimum wage, plus bonus based on productivity. Not sure where though. When I was growing up in Angus, we went berry picking every summer, picked strawberries, picked tulips and daffodils in the spring and potatoes in the fall. Made lots of money for buying our clothes and other things.

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Payment was OK but the pain in the back I couldn’t sleep Overwatch social distance training since 2015 shirt. I started to study and more important I learned to value and respect all the workers who keep a country afloat with their hard work. He said doing peace work. The more you pick the more you earn. Foreigners doing the job get paid the same as British. Have you never heard of the minimum wage. Foreigners make their money live here and send money home as well because they are prepared to put in a few hours , which in general the British arent.

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  1. Jennifer R Williams (verified owner)

    To assist you with this, a member of our Support Team will follow up with you today. Be assured we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

  2. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    Product was excellent quality and arrived early, in very good quality packaging

  3. Horst Kommernitzky (verified owner)

    Lovely motif on this tee and it washes beautifully also. The tee itself is a little lighter weight than most of my tees but it is well made and so I hope it will last well.

  4. Daniel A Smith (verified owner)

    Great looking T-shirt I would order the bigger size than normal.

  5. Jennifer R Williams (verified owner)

    I’m very sorry to hear that you had not received your package yet.

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