Just need to convince the Chinese people that these virus outbreaks are caused by One piece anime best friends shirt parts of endangered animals. Maybe that will finally slow the destruction of so many endangered critters. Well you sure as hell can’t believe government sensor ed new stations now can you, wow how stupid are you. It seems the disease show symptoms between pneumonia and tuberculosis. If the person have strong ammune system there shall not be serious problems, individual will heal within 3-5 weeks, but if he or she is a smoker for example, will have a hard time to get over it. Boost vitamin intake to strength your ammune system and wash your hands frequently also avoid touching your face with fingertips.

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It’s kinda like the flu spreading in all the states here and no one is quarantine for the One piece anime best friends shirt! Plus there is a flu vaccine that some people here choose mostly because of opinion not to have. Can you imagine if there is a vaccine against coronavirus in China and people choose not to take it, how will we react to them over here? I bet we’d be very judge mental. And WHO is still blinding, I wonder what happened to this neutral org to become so protective to CCP. Still not announce global emergency by putting everyone in the world at risk. Shame on WHO.

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