Plus English as an additional language for some thrown into the mix Official Warrior mana shirt and attend some days but not others. Then at the same time we are also planning and supporting the children working from home. I know, thank you my school feels safe I have to say, been cleaned within an inch of its life in the last six weeks and fortunately my 6 year olds bloody love washing their hands. We can’t worry about what others are doing got to keep chrilden of school untill it’s safe that means no more deaths. Absolutely agree about prison workers, less so about education.

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We are keeping schools open for key workers whilst setting work for children at home Official Warrior mana shirt. Children may not be learning the same fact based curriculum as before but they are learning often more valuable lessons. And I agree we will be at less risk than medical staff, carers and prison staff but does that mean we should be put at increased risk and run the risk of more cases needing hospitals. The staff go home. Some ride on buses. They go to supermarkets. New people are put in prison.

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  1. Marci Chmielewski (verified owner)

    My T Shirt arrived when the company said it would. Nice design and fit. Happy with the purchase and it washed well. Thanks.

  2. Sara Howe (verified owner)

    I came across their ad on Facebook. A bit on the expensive side but the shirt quality and the graphics look good. The real test will be how well it wears from wearing it and washing it. Time will tell as they say.

  3. Pat Johnson (verified owner)

    Delivery was in good time so I have no faults to report on this at all. Lovely tee shirt for the money!

  4. Shanda Dornburg (verified owner)

    I’m very sorry to hear that your order did not meet your expectations.

  5. Marci Chmielewski (verified owner)

    Printing is poor quality. Fast tracking.

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