If a person doesnt stand for something that person will fall for anything Official True beauty shirt. Weak, cowardly and no principle are these people. We could do with that here. It would shut Laura Kuenssberg up for a start. Win win. It will stabilize and bring peace and prosperity to businesses in Hongkong from those radicals rioters and Mainlanders and tourists will feel safer to be in Hongkong with this law. Fact is Hong Kong is way too small to battle a Nation like China on its own, and I don’t see any other country actually investing the time in Actually helping them. They are going to loose.

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I thought the Official True beauty shirt said they would protect the laws that were put in place back when we handed Hong Kong over to China I’m not an expert at this so I’m happy to be corrected but isn’t there a constitution that was created for HK regarding scenarios like this. Everybody talks against the China this indicates that China is getting stronger than any other countries in the world.

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