Shut up, all of you critics Official Synthesizer Vintage shirt. My son is a prison officer, and is at more risk than many of you judgemental know-it-alls. He already works in difficult and overcrowded conditions, without criticism from armchair experts who have nothing better to do than pick fault. If you are so wise, why not put your oversized brains to good use, and suggest a better alternative. My son told me years ago that many of the prisoners are mentally ill. Why can it be so noble to sympathize with so-called celebrities who stray, but not with the most vulnerable in our society. Yes, they should not get away with anti-social behaviour but with increasing cuts, and pressure on the hard-pressed prison service.

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It’s a wonder that anyone is prepared to do the job Official Synthesizer Vintage shirt. Well said. Whenever I hear about someone sentenced to life without parole I always think of the exponential increase in risk that poses to the people who have to guard a person with nothing left to lose. So, what is the point of the Justice System. They are in prison for Punishment. It is their fault they are on prison, not ours. Leave them there. So everyone who is law abiding has to stay inside.

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