But they usually don’t care exactly Official Smash the test shirt where you got it as long as it matches the school’s one and all the schools have distinct uniforms, so if your kids go to different schools, good luck passing them down. They’re cheap enough though, I remember my junior college blouses were somewhere around apiece. Why do pupils have to wear uniform when the teachers don’t they should be setting an example by wearing a uniform. It’s interesting how many people treat America like it isn’t responsible for its actions it’s a rabid dog because they support such cruelty but are too cowardly to accept blame.

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No law was being broken by Official Smash the test shirt or the baby in her womb, some very vile people instead decided to place a dangerous barrier across an imaginary line to make innocents suffer and die. It’s that straightforward. I’m not a genius but if I’m pregnant, climbing a dangerously high wall and entering a foreign country illegally without documents may not be such a smart thing to do.

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  1. Marjorie J Russow (verified owner)

    I was regularly updated re my order and it arrived very quickly. Am inpressed with the quality of the product. Well done ????

  2. Donna Torres (verified owner)

    As all all our products are made to order and cannot be resold, we do require an extra step from you so that we can understand what went wrong with your order.

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    Printing is poor quality. Fast tracking.

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    I’ve had a look at your order and I can confirm it was shipped out on time, and so we expect it to arrive by the estimated delivery date we’ve stated in your confirmation email.

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    Ordered a special printed t-shirt for my neighbour (a fishing fanatic) for his birthday. I’m thoroughly delighted with it and the quality is superb. Delivery was fast too! Highly recommended.

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