It’s simple people should follow the advice if they want the lockdown to be relaxed Official Slothzilla Vintage Shirt. They have 2 choices and not to follow the advice will extend the lockdown. The government must be bloody worn out. They are all working and always being attacked. Asked the same bloody questions. What are Labour doing. There moaning safely from there lockdown. I can’t think of a time in recent modern political history when so many people in the same party were so willing to throw each other under a bus. If gove told me the time I’d check my watch. They’ve no idea what they are doing.

Official Slothzilla Vintage Shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


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For decades successive governments have dismantled Official Slothzilla Vintage Shirt manufacturing in favour of service and financial industries. Now we desperately need stuff made we’re reduced to going cap in hand to other countries while bankers sit in their mansions scratching their plums. How come mr Goves daughter was prioritised for testing before care home residents nurses doctors and frontline workers a little like the old ussr or some third world corrupt countries.

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  1. Shelley Hundal (verified owner)

    Love my hoodie!! So comfy and brilliant price!!

  2. Rose Evert (verified owner)

    As all all our products are made to order and cannot be resold, we do require an extra step from you so that we can understand what went wrong with your order.

  3. James McGrath (verified owner)

    I’m glad you’re happy with our service, but I’m really sorry to learn you’re disappointed with the quality of our product.

  4. Sara Broetje (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff, no problem! Fabulous t shirt. Great design.

  5. Kathy Gordon (verified owner)

    Love my hoodie!! So comfy and brilliant price!!

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