It is no doubt Official Rip Kobe Bryant shirt is the second greatest player all time behind Michael Jordan. I will always say this how about Michael Jordan he is the greatest shooting guard of all time no one will ever be better than him that’s how I feel about it and those are my opinions don’t care what other people think of it either. The Mamba The greatest player ever. If you are able to speak english you gonna lurn a good lesson of ho is the greatest of all times. Like MJ said to him, after the 1998 All-Star game in MSG, I’ll see you down the road. Game recognise game.

Official Rip Kobe Bryant shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Official Rip Kobe Bryant Hoodie


Official Rip Kobe Bryant Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Official Rip Kobe Bryant Sweater


Official Rip Kobe Bryant V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirt

Best Official Rip Kobe Bryant shirt

All these stupid arguments. Jordan, Official Rip Kobe Bryant shirt, LBJ all legends. Micheal jordan is the great mintor of kobe bryant thats why kobe is great players. LeBron is a joke Michael Jordan the goat Kobe is right on his tail. Kobe Bryant anytime. Best ever, second to none. And they said lebron is better than kobe get outta here. The two greatest players of all time. Zero doubt, zero discussion. People forget how good Kobe was before the injury. Kobe and Jordan legends are greatness happen. Lebron nothings happened.

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