Now the world is more connected than ever Official peace love save lives shirt, the cultural hubs and melting pots of London and many major cities had easily acquired a few isolated cases which quietly seeded local populations with Covid19 before everyone started looking for it. One person at my work returned from China in early December feeling unwell. Very soon afterwards I, and two other colleagues, fell ill with the Cough, fever, heavy breathing and anosmia etc. Given that Dr Fen in Wuhan identified a patient of hers as having a sars type corona virus in earl November, which his wife and friends then caught, and given China didn’t lock down to late January and even then didn’t close down the airports there’s plenty of scope for the virus to be circulating in November.

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I’m absolutely convinced that I had it in Official peace love save lives shirt. I had a really bad cough and quite bad breathlessness for which my inhalers did nothing. It lasted over 3 weeks and at the time I thought it was a strange cough nothing like I’d ever experienced before. And I think my husband had it as early as November. A coworker of mine was extremely sick in Decemeber, the sickest she’s ever been. Terrible chest congestion and pain. Difficulty breathing. The doctors couldn’t diagnose her, just made assumptions and gave her antibiotics. I was around her for days while she was sick, in the same vehicle. We never thought anything of it at the time.

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