More redundancies men in the dole trying to feed their families it’s a Official Horse yoga shirt state of affairs it’s call progress I expect some will come back and say it’s the best and yes great to have no air pollution for everyone but where will these men get employment. Shame really as it leaves giant stations like the one overshadowing East Midlands Parkway or Fiddlers Ferry in Cheshire out of use, bearing in mind in summer we use less power but i do hope the companies have job retention and redeployment schemes for their employees. How many million trees are felled plus the energy low grade oil used to transport it from USA. I can’t see how that is significantly better than fossil fuels.

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This is a false indicator though, with clear skies Official Horse yoga shirt and a good breeze at the weekend the renewables generated and that is probably its limit. In winter the UK consumes of energy and renewables won’t generate anything on a cold still night. We need large nuclear power stations to pick up that slack or we will be burning coal again. Partly due to the weather being in general, so good and people spend more time outside, and industry has slowed due to furlough.

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    Easy to order and delivered within a few days – ready for my husbands fishing trip in France

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    Excellent service, Received my limited edition T shirt within 2 weeks. The colour and quality very good.

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    It was very easy to order and my t shirt arrived quickly however the quality wasn’t as clear as the picture on line. It’s still really nice but just not as defined

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    On the ball, from every angle…

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    Brilliant service, email receipt of order and updates on where my order was, only took a week to arrive. Tee shirt great quality size spot on, fab design. ??

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