For anyone complaining you now know Official Hairapist tool hairstyle shirt it’s like to be a caged animal remember what lockdown was for to protect you and save your life. The same thing good zoos across the world are doing. Before anyone jumps on the emotional bandwagon please do some research on the amazing work good establishments do and the countless species they have saved from extinction and returned to the wild. Many zoos participate in the conservation and depopulation of endangered species through breeding programs. Most zoos give their animals the best life possible and no longer live in cages but habitats that reflect their native environment.

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I know that better than most having spent my life Official Hairapist tool hairstyle shirt with animals and in zoological collections but some people just can’t see the bigger picture unfortunately. The best answer I’ve seen to that now you know what the animals feel like rubbish floating about. Why are we not getting rid of zoos. After a small taste of what it is like to be locked in our houses for a few weeks how can we still be ok with animals being in tiny cages for their whole lives just so we can look at them.

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