As an animal lover I would chip in to help pay his fine Official Barack Obama Gate shirt. He wouldn’t have had to do this himself if the authorities had acted in a timely manner. Surely they should of been fined. How can you fine someone for using his initiative and bravery, this is mind baffling and unlawful. I would of done exactly the same, regardless of a fine. It’s us, human beings that have caused this. He should be given a commendation not a fine. Poor guy, hope he gets help to fight the fine as someone else mentioned what ever is lefter over from crowd funding to go towards a sea based charity.

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So they couldn’t send rescuers Official Barack Obama Gate shirt but they can send authorities to fine him as he returns to shore. Someone set up a crowdfunding page to cover the costs for this hero. This is a very good example of why there needs to be exceptions within the law. There is not enough information as to why exactly this man is being fined, but it seems like he is a hero, stepping in when the authorities were too incompetent. This is disgraceful a selfless act to rescue wildlife from a man- made hazard and he gets penalised for it. Shame on the authorities who fined him and shame on the wildlife body who didn’t come to the rescue in the first place. The man deserves an award.

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