This sorry, but, look up the site for love of scrubs Nurse queen we fight what you fear shirt, and you, ll get an idea how many people are beavering away at home making these things. Stop romanticising the war! People were making their own clothes from curtains and there was rationing and people turning gardens into allotments etc. This country cannot be self sufficient. Economies of scale and efficiency has led to mass production and globalisation. In order to become self sufficient we would need to alter our whole productive capacity. Stop surplus and exports and retrain people for new jobs etc. We have traded internationally throughout history. It has increased because of technological advances such as transportation but it has happened for millennia.

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Great things have been achieved in times of peace as well Nurse queen we fight what you fear shirt. I just don’t feel comfortable with constant references to how great a country was in times of war. Really, read it properly. It was just a reference to doing things here, not actually war. It is the global economy thing. We flog stuff that we have and that we need, then we buy replacement useless crap from elsewhere and import it. It should be returned and money should be repaid – doubt that will happen though.

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  1. Josh Molina (verified owner)

    If it still has not arrived, please get in touch with our Support Team via the contact form here:

  2. Vanessa Barcelona (verified owner)

    Tried to get in touch to return item as it’s the wrong size. They have no return policy and have ignored all emails to them.

  3. Joanie Berney (verified owner)

    Quality of material could be better for the price.

  4. Helene DeFilippis (verified owner)

    Poor quality of t shirt and poor quality of picture printing for the cost I did expect a lot better for my money

  5. Sherry Sharp (verified owner)

    The quality of this product is very good however they do come small I could have done with ordering the XL but overall it’s a pretty damn good product

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