That is just one of over-population downside Not sheep Sherlock shirt. I guess by now we should realize that,that is the most heavily populated country on earth right?unfortunately the effects,chain reactions of it can go globally as well. The amount of infected are greatly understated, you wont barricade and quarantine a whole city/prefecture if u only have 10000 patients. That shows how horrible the lies of CCP are. A lot of goods come from China, light bulbs, batteries etc. To name but a few. A sneeze in the work place and the vector could be Amazon. Hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this strain of the virus was made in a laboratory and purposely spread for population control.

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I believe Not sheep Sherlock shirt will be a disease that wipes out the human race, all the bio weapons developed in labs it’s only a matter of time before one escapes quarantine just pray it isn’t this one. Hopefully they will learn something in future don’t be more than animals to eat all kinds of animals and insects on earth. All animals on earth still have limit to eat their selective preys. The communists made super cities marched on relentlessly to be the no I superpower but cared very little abt the environment n hygiene. N this is the result.

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    Price quoted was not the same at the end of the transaction. No Idea why it was more expensive at checkout and I never noticed until the goods arrived….too late by that time. ??????

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    fantastic service. order arrived within time stated. T-Shirt loved by my partner thank you

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    Appaulling quality and shocking customer service. Been trying to return. Reported to trading standard

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