n the time of his absence name a few things that have progressed with relation to this Nipsey Hussle RIP gucci loved shirt. Absolutely nothing. Except the number of people dead. No improvement in the testing nor the provision of PPE for those who need it. All his team has done is honestly I really don’t know. Sorry I’ve been away from my desk, but I recklessly under-estimated the severity of this virus and knowingly and unnecessarily exposed myself to significant risks by shaking hands with patients in hospital, failing to observe social distancing, attending large scale events which should have been cancelled earlier and failing to implement a lock down in time to minimise the risks to myself and the general public. But hey I’m back now, so it’s all going splendidly.

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I thought he was on about when he was on holiday dodging the initial cobra meetings Nipsey Hussle RIP gucci loved shirt. He can also ring and talk to other presidents primeministers of other countries but cant face GB via video link his own country now appears like a shining knight in armour glory hunting thinking no one will notice after sending his muppets that cdnt run a bath to face the music who continually contradicted themselves and sent out so mixed messages about lockdown even the police are telling him to make up his mind.

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  1. Marjorie J Russow (verified owner)

    Came promptly, packaged well. Good quality and design and value for money

  2. Joanie Berney (verified owner)

    Easy to order and delivered within a few days – ready for my husbands fishing trip in France

  3. Denver Ashmun (verified owner)

    T shirt arrived on time fitted great and motif was what I loved about it

  4. Juan Saucedo (verified owner)

    The T-shirt was really poor quality for the price of £21, and also was just too small. They refused to refund because this is supposed to be a ‘tailored-made’ t-shirt, what a joke!

  5. Vanessa Barcelona (verified owner)

    To assist you with this, a member of our Support Team will follow up with you today. Be assured we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

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