As the people most likely got infected Namaste Yes I’m a bitch but not yours shirt this has nothing to do with the less stricter restrictions. Only one day after would not be representative of any decisions made. In a week, come back. The new cases today didn’t get the virus yesterday. And that’s a country that does testing so they would know, other countries obscure the data and won’t be held accountable. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I have a lot of friends in Germany, and some if the videos I’ve seen on social media, sugesst folk are thinking that everything is back to normal.

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We need to compare and contrast their setup and ours and see what the differences are Namaste Yes I’m a bitch but not yours shirt. Clearly from this example a complete freedom from lockdown will result in the upsurge in cases again. The increase wasn’t caused by the reopening after only a few days those people were already infected. Now that Germany has basically followed a herd immunity scenario, where are all the critics. People were going to get infected, people were going to die. Two undeniable truths. The only thing we could do was decide how that happened with minimal possible disruption to the global economy and minimal loss of life.

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