Very silly The Muppet yamaha drums shirt manner for save the children I see only advertisment for megan as she needs public attention. They should be forgotten about , they chose to be nobodies so we should respect that , plus I can’t stand her. I thought he wanted to be known as Harry and she as Meghan? This would be a nice enough story about a couple with a baby about to celebrate his first birthday. Oh, and Meghan tells a story. That’s about it really. Why not just give back some of the money you stole off the tax payers for your wedding, there’s an idea. How does one raise money for a charity by posting a video? I’m uninformed. Where does the money come from.

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Thought they wanted to live a normal life away from press and public scrutiny The Muppet yamaha drums shirt. Oh sorry forgot thats only except when she wants publicity. Sorry for the little boy, but who gives one about his parents. Shame his grandmother won’t get to know him especially as she’s the QUEEN. If you want your child to live an ‘ordinary’ life away from the public eye why use publicity to show him off? No one can have it all ways.

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