There will be a mad rush and queues down the street I expect Mouse ears and cold beers shirt, like the nutters who queued for KFC and Starbuck, and those who stockpiled. I shan’t be doing so. I will be keeping well away for the forseeable. Unless urgent. Staying home as much as possible. Even when back to work I will go do my job then home. Stay safe. Do what you feel comfortable with it if no one goes to the shops they will just close and alot more people will lose their jobs at what point do we try and get back to some sort of normal whatever that will be alot of people have been working throughout all of this we carnt stay home forever.

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If it’s anything like we had in Australia, retail stores are about to get very busy Mouse ears and cold beers shirt. Some of our stores had Christmas like sales figures. I’m sticking to online if I need to go out for anything I’ll go out but while the numbers are still a lot I’m not going nowhere unless urgent. The high street will die and even more people will lose their jobs if people keep staying away from it to order everything online. Based on the current lack of social distancing in most supermarkets. I personally will be giving it a miss for now.

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    Easy to order. Good sizing. Great quality. Prompt delivery. Very cool tee shirt.

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    Printing is poor quality. Fast tracking.

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