It’s almost like locking down when advised to by the medical experts might have meant a Massage therapist 2020 quarantined shirt of a lot less deaths and a not-collapsing economy. I do appreciate that the population of NZ is tiny in comparison to Britain, and very spread out but all that tells me is that we should have been even more prepared for this. I live in New Zealand and remember we have 5 million people on two isolated islands. Its difficult to compare us to the UK I’m from London so it’s best not to. Remember we could still have many more cases but just have not been reported, plus with our very small population, it makes it less of a challenge to ease the spread of the virus compared to the UK.

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This thing can only be feasible in countries with Massage therapist 2020 quarantined shirt small populations with advanced public institutions and services like New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden etc. The world is still at risk without cure and vaccine. Opening up individual economies and closing others is not a solution. Well that’s great. It shows you don’t need to go to Eton to be a great leader.

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