Can’t believe that he was in hospital with supposed The man the myth dad the grillmaster shirt says he thought he was going to die and then comes out with a speech like that putting the economy before people’s lives next step will be to stop or cut the furlough payments forcing the working class to go back to work or ulternatively lose their jobs. What are the chances that when he unveils the plan in the Commons it will include the stipulation that companies whose staff cannot work from home will have to.take them back on and will no longer be eligible for furlough.

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We should have been kept in lockdown for longer like The man the myth dad the grillmaster shirt until contact tracing and community testing was in place. Telling people they can go to beaches and socially isolate- really that is going to work! So foolhardy. Well we can expect a second wave with this kind of irresponsible advice. Thanks Boris after staying at home foe weeks. Glad to see that suddenly our health is no longer important and that you have succumbed to media moguls pressure and big business donating to your party.

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