I don’t they they will be dumb to just have an episode talking about the past or You are my lucky charm shirt. There will be enough element of surprise, let’s just wait and see. The show ended on a high much loved characters and storylines time to let go y’al. But some of them have had massive personal special effects on there faces and the like, really not sure how thats gonna work unless they out themselves within the body of the script self afacing so to say. There is no script BBC seems to have omitted that info an expensive chat show basically. You need to watch it more this is a countless classic even in the UK. It’s my favourite show ever.

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If it’s just for them to sit and talk about their favorite episodes You are my lucky charm shirt. Well it’s just going to be one episode so it won’t be like a skit. They”r so luky to be alive and available for such proyect after all this years. Been watching Friends again from the beginning all half term. It’s still as funny, even more so the second time around. You’re only on your second time watching it through. I’ve watched the whole thing through four times just today.

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