Here’s an idea The letterkenny Abbey Road shirt. Democrats will vote by mail and if you’re a republican you have to vote in person. And you can stand in line, hug each other, shake hands and lets see what happens. Except Republicans are the way they are coz Mommy didn’t hug them. Except it’s really about making sure Democrats can’t vote. At all. Don’t forget coughing and sneezing at each other, enjoy the awful elements of the weather in mostly US standing in line in November. Touching a nasty dinosaur voting machine with nasty germ that has never been cleaned or wipe down and using the same pencil touch by thousands of other people who had waiting in line before you.

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Seriously, has anyone here complaining ever actually used an The letterkenny Abbey Road shirt. I have, dozens of times I live overseas. When you register to vote you have to give an address. If you want an absentee ballot, you have to request one with a written form, give your registration address, current address, and last 4 digits of your SS number, and sign under penalty of perjury. A ballot is then mailed to you at the address you used when you registered. One voter one ballot, get it.

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