Look at the cult of Just a girl with a speed problem shirt as they use every excuse in the book to cover a clearly distorted video which was manipulated in the White House to reflect poorly on Biden. The White House propaganda machine has been exposed and they don’t like it. Let’s see now how quickly Trump tries to get revenge on Twitter. This is 100% expected heading into the election. They never will.ahow anything like this when the democrats do it, jell they have been doing it for years. Social media cracking down on undesirable posts. The monitors have their work cut out for them. Anyone that watched the video fully understands he was losing his mind, not actually endorsing Trump.

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It doesn’t matter. Videos can be labeled false and be from Just a girl with a speed problem shirt and a majority of the public will still believe it. Simply put, most of America is not so bright. The leader of the fake news movement posting manipulated media, nice. It was obviously a joke I wonder how many jokes from the Democrats get tagged. I would think labeling the video manipulated is far more misleading than the excerpt that was posted.

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