That what Boris said, but his actions say otherwise John Wick 2020 who’s going to stop me shirt. There is now a lot of recruiting for test and tracing which indicates an intention to remove covid from the country in the same way most other countries are. It’s just barely AT a manageable level, it won’t STAY at one. The moment a country lifts its lockdown, the same process starts all over again. There are stark economic realities, we can’t stay in forever, I get that. But doing this anywhere near as soon as Germany has is a recipe for inevitable disaster. The point is that we have to be prepared that easing lockdown I’m talking U.K. will likely mean cases might start to increase.

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Actually I think the whole entire world should go under John Wick 2020 who’s going to stop me shirt arrest save medical emergency for one month. I just wish government would be transparent and say that. I began to think the same here in WA state USA. Numbers rising but restrictions lifting. The issue is trusting citizens following the orders and well as lifting of them unaware of the big picture and unable to make a well informed decision. Exactly and I’m sure they’ll be all over those figures to make that decision if needed. What you are describing is the numbers which I completely agree with.

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    Bought t shirt for my daughter , she loves it , arrived early too. well done

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