I’m a key worker in the finance industry, I am still working from home Joe Exotic Tiger King shirt, so I am not personally in a position to do so. But I’m incredibly proud of those that do. My criticism is for the government, not the heroic front line. This is the time to scrutinise the government because when things get back to normal it will be forgotten. I believe it was a global crisis caused by over valuing society, cheap debt. We’ve all got long memories, that’s why we voted in a Conservative government over Labour. You say no scrutiny now, so the government can pass whatever legislation it likes. You can plan of course you can but you don’t know how effective your plan is, until you run it.

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My understanding is sub prime lending is the route cause on Joe Exotic Tiger King shirt of which banks simply coloured outside the lines, trading with reckless disregard. Yeah, if nothing intellectual pops in your head, always go with something like this. Thank you for your input. Think back to previous governments as well then. It depends on whether you believe they will do for whatever is best and necessary rather like the new powers for the police with a very definitive time included. You could of couse be one of those bitter cynics who don’t believe what ever the government do.

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