There’s been myths around Jeff Dunham face mask EW people Covid 19 shirt for a long time, and everyone one of those has been debunked by experts. Maybe he sat too close to the TV when he was little. He didn’t listen to mummy. The day Eamonn Holmes becomes the person from whom we should seek advice, court counsel, or seek to gain scientific knowledge is the day that will never dawn. Some people with no scientific knowledge officially commenting on scientific theory and principles as though they have some insight these people are listened to by an audience also with no scientific knowledge reminds me of people smashing windows of a child sex offender.

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Everyone has their own thoughts on this dont be so quick to judge Jeff Dunham face mask EW people Covid 19 shirt if it’s so safe why has there been no proper testing. There are countries that don’t even have 4G but they have covid 19. We’re just adding a miniscule less than a billionth bit to the natural background radiation even the sun varies more itself on a daily basis. This has to be the most ignorant conspiracy theory I’ve ever read.

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