Only at the point of death as that virus could kill me anyway The Iowa Hawkeyes 131st anniversary 1889-2020 signatures shirt. Hospitals are nowhere near capacity, only icu’s are suffering a bit more than usual because all the time wasters are staying home and even now Covid19 only accounts for 7 percent of the total deaths, take away all the accidents from people staying home and people food easily start going back to work while maintaining social distancing. We aren’t getting rid of civid19 we need to learn to live with it and not hide at home, with the exception of the old and vulnerable they do need to stay home unfortunately. Can anyone please share with me a single piece of primary evidence to prove there actually is a virus that warrants us living in this tyrannical police state.

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We need to get things moving again The Iowa Hawkeyes 131st anniversary 1889-2020 signatures shirt but too many people are happy with heir paid holidays and the government don’t want to become unpopular with their voter base. There are some who are starting to question if this is a deliberate coup orchestrated by the left on a global scale because all the socialistic systems they have created are collapsing and will be unsustainable come 2021. I think people are starting to distrust the NHS due to amount of deaths in hospitals from covid19 and rumours of NHS nurses passing on covid19 to people then getting treat or covid19 after 13 pensioners died of covid19 which 2 nurses were looking after, also some patients and old people in homes who only have contact with NHS workers have contracted the virus and died.

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