He could have changed our trading relationship with the rest of the world We a have Hero we call him Papa shirt. He could have stopped our capital being one of the major transport hubs in the world. What on earth has he been doing. You particularly if your an island we had the opportunity to stop it, but the economy seem to be too high a priority. I don’t blame it on Boris, but he could have closed us down as they did in new Zealand much sooner and things might have been better now, but I can’t blame him for a disease. Agreed totally, but even when restrictions were put in place people still don’t follow them. Dont you think the Chineese have anything to answer for then. If anyone has blood on their hands it is them and not our PM who has done a magnificent job under the circumstances. Initially he was following advice from many experts including those from the WHO. what would you have done, ignore them.

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He has not done a brilliant job. In February he sat on his hands and did nothing We a have Hero we call him Papa shirt. We were behind the curve timewise and we should have been taking action. Instead we have lack of PPE and we were late to implement the lockdown. We are now on course to have the highest death rate in Europe. So why has he done a brilliant job? Furthermore, we must be one of the only countries left which still has open borders. Refusal to quarantine people who came through our airports led to the initial early outbreak associated.

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