Which appeared to be the total extent of the posters imagination She got mad hustle and a dope soul shirt. I am capable of imagining black people owning businesses rather than just working for them some are not. How is a business responsibly for that? How are the person who were run over or shot in the riots responsible for that? How is the bar owner who lost his ability to feed his family responsible for that? How are people who support the issues but have been harmed responsible for that. The political climate is part of the problem. Social, political, economic, racial injustice is THE problem. We currently have national leadership that is failing to lead the nation through this crisis.

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There are instances of police targeting the press She got mad hustle and a dope soul shirt aren’t event participants, they’re documentarians. What’s your justification for that. Not given what the media and independent video has shown me. A pair of shoes isn’t worth anything except people are fighting over them like they are if things don’t have value maybe people wouldn’t have been cleaning out businesses and screaming , I have a right to take your stuff because a man was killed. Makes no sense.

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    I’m very sorry to learn you’re not happy with the print quality on your item.

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    I bought a t shirt for my dad for father’s Day, he’s over the moon with it and the material is great quality. Good value for money and quick delivery to the UK.

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    On the ball, from every angle…

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    Have just received my replacement tee shirt…. it fits perfect and will love wearing it.all I can say is Thankyou to you for a great after sales service… regards Gloria xx

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