This is The girl who studied shirt parents try to interest going. If Madeleine is out there she may see TV footage and be curious. For all we know she could have been told her mum and dad did not want her anymore and also given a new name, brought up with a foreign tongue. There is always hope but there needs to be media coverage from time to time. I hope some day they will find Madeline McCann so there is peace for her parents and Madelineis safe. That will give a boost this morning to every parent with a child missing, wherever they might live. What a wonderful reward for all those years of faith, hope and sheer, dogged determination.

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He’s lucky he was snatched for adoption The girl who studied shirt. Must be hard for him to reconcile what’s happening if the people who raised him were good to him. Hope it works out for everyone in the end. The people who bought the boy should be prosecuted for sure. They knew they were doing something wrong by not going through proper adoption channels. They knew there were people in anguish over losing their son. And now the sadness really starts for this young man, especially If he had a good life from the couple who could not have children and paid for the adoption in good faith.

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  1. Jennifer R Williams (verified owner)

    Didn’t match up well with the product shown and took a VERY long time to get delivered.

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    I love my shirt! It is well made and exactly what I was expecting. The customer service absolutley cant be beat!

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    As I’m writing this I am wearing the jumper I ordered, I love it it’s so warm and comfy. Thank you.

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    Arrived swiftly and happy with purchase

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    Very good. Once I had purchased the product I Googled this outfit for reviews, and some were not too kind and I wondered if I had wasted my money or not. But no, I hadn’t.

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