Those kids should be in school still anyway This girl loves her mechanic shirt. They will all have had the offer of going there but if their parents refuse, there is nothing schools can do to force them into school. And that figure overlooks the role of children in spreading it to older people and does not factor in what will happen to children who develop a wide range of complications that are now emerging. I think she was just using a phrase. My point being people of working age, with no underlying health conditions are more at risk getting into their car than dying of covid. According to WHO, who are looking at the global picture, there have been no recorded incidents of a child in school passing the virus to an adult and last time I looked only one of an adult passing it to a child.

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I’m not saying it is right or wrong to go back now This girl loves her mechanic shirt, but people are scaremongering by over the top statements about the risk which isn’t helpful, particularly when you look at the short and longterm implications on children in not attending school. Exaggerating the risk doesn’t help anyone make a rational decision. Just not many parents are taking up this option. My school have provided laptops for the children to use if technology is a barrier. Also, in our area food parcels are being provided by the schools, my headteacher is dropping them off regularly.

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