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Yes only if bells on bikes are compulsory and that they’re used This girl loves her electrician shirt. Been knocked down twice in lockdown by bikes because I have hearing loss and don’t know they’re behind me or going past. Yes I was walking on footpaths and pavement walking facing on coming people & bikes as I should. Tell the families of the 315000 victims that covid is small, and what about horses and carriages prior to cars! weren’t they large as cars is today. And of course disabled and older people are left out and if you fill entire cities with bikes wouldn’t that cause problems to? total utter rubbish this video.

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I think if the government are to give more room to cyclist and less for the This girl loves her electrician shirt then they should have to pay road tax and have insurance. Its not always the car driver who causes accidents sometimes its the cyclists, especially if there are two or three together on the road or even worse on the pavement. They have no notion of social distancing, thinking if they go fast enough the virus wont catch them. The trouble is its the pedestrians who nearly get knocked over whilst they are whizzing passed. So insurance to cover accidents and some sort of tax for the use of the roads would be the way to go.

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    I’m very sorry to learn you’re disappointed with the quality of our product.

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