Is not too late when the crisis was very This electrician needs a beer shirt and you cannot keep under control the border it was opened without restriction and now when you can test it you put them in quarantine. Unbelievable. Measures imposed by very silly people who obviously don’t believe in these measures since they themselves keep breaking them. Is government going to provide food if one needs to be quarantined and have no help. Also will there be compensation for people who can not go to work due to this. Also what if foregine travellers couldn’t find a place to quarantine themselves? Don’t seem to see any information about this.

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So basically you have to chipped each person arriving in This electrician needs a beer shirt otherwise how will priti patel findout theh are quarantine or not. This is a big joke I know people comes in and never told to go in hiding she took it upon herself to hide form people they are late mate. Good luck on that one, can’t even control our borders from illegals, let alone those on the streets protesting. They would be better off coming in by boat, they will get free transportand housing if needed.

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