I get it be sensible yes common When in doubt pull it out shirt sense but then I have a brain and I’m not being political. I cant understand how people cant know what the new government message mean I think its pretty simple I am not the most intelligent person and struggling with reading and writing but I understand what they are saying I just think lots of people what it spelled out and it’s all to do with common sense. And unfortunately there are people that dont have it and some that still dont know what metres is just be sensible and think before what you do and where you go.

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Some people have probably gone on Google to find out what a lert is When in doubt pull it out shirt. No practical value whatsoever. Purely a meaningless marketing slogan for the ruling party. In the U.K. It is the job of government organisations to ensure workplaces are safe, because government creates the rule and understanding of what that looks like. It is wrong to ask the employee to discuss that with the employer.

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  1. Jennifer R Williams (verified owner)

    I’m really sorry to learn you’re disappointed with the quality of our product, and with our customer service.

  2. Rhonda LaFon (verified owner)

    Very happy with shirt very good quality and even came early will recommend it and bye from them again very reliable

  3. Jean MacFarland (verified owner)

    Very good. Once I had purchased the product I Googled this outfit for reviews, and some were not too kind and I wondered if I had wasted my money or not. But no, I hadn’t.

  4. Horst Kommernitzky (verified owner)

    On top of this, they do not send VAT invoice, any invoice with the order so I suspect they are selling it illegally.

  5. Rhonda LaFon (verified owner)

    My T Shirt arrived when the company said it would. Nice design and fit. Happy with the purchase and it washed well. Thanks.

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