The fact that one officer who went to help the elderly man up The dadalorian because it is my way shirt, and the one who pushed him over stopped the other officer is sn absolute disgrace. Its disgraceful to push him over in the first place he was no threat, and elderly, but to then prevent his colleague from helping him up defies all human decency. Blood can clearly be seen coming out of the back of the guys head and he is not moving only the soldier stopped to give him aid! this is a disgrace! Edit, i have seen the full video of this. Could I see your source on that last I read he was still unconscious but in stable condition at his age that probably means he is in a coma and unlikely to wake up. In short, those cops killed an innocent American and have not been charged. This is why there are protests in all 50 states.

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During a crowd control situation The dadalorian because it is my way shirt I would have thought that forces are trained to deal with issues in a certain way. The soldier was probably the designated medic and was therefore the one to quickly step in. Not saying the initial action was right in any sense of the word but I suspect the response was appropriate in the circumstance. What you forget to mention is that two of the cops try to help him but get told by the Sergeant or whatever the NYPD police ranking system is the said officer then radios in properly to that black solder that goes into help maybe he a medic.

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