People want to return to their normal lives. Fear and panic by the media won’t work The dadalorian like a dad just way cooler shirt. Well this American is staying home this Memorial Day to keep my family safe and hopefully not burden our healthcare system further. Well wait and see if a second wave hits them happy for them to be the guinepigs. Good for them. The extreme measures should never have been used in the first place. At risk people, stay at home. It’s disconcerting that people can be this careless. Americans for that matter. Only the stupid ones! Most of us are still sheltering at home. I put some of the blame on Dr. Birx as she remained stolidly behind the Orangevirus wanting to keep her position in the government even with her impressive credentials.

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I feel for the health care workers who have daily put their lives on the line to care for The dadalorian like a dad just way cooler shirt. When the virus spreads, and it will, these beach goers will have helped to spread the disease. Shouldn’t be shocked this is what your president TRUMP wants. He doesn’t care about your population at all just economics. I worry about children and old people of America who will have to suffer because of mass stupidity. And yet they were allowed to do this. Shows how out of control the nation is.

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