Nothing wrong with it, just fear mongering again The dadalorian the best dad in the galaxy shirt almost all chicken is done this way, even in Europe. it’s just that the US chicken is slightly above the limit to be allowed to be called unchlorinated according to the EU. but make no mistake, you almost always are eating it. There is nothing wrong with it. Buy from your local butcher that is all you have to do. Your local butcher knows where the meat comes from and can trace it back to source The Farms. From the stuff I’ve read there’s negligible amounts of chlorine left after the wash. Click bait headlines should be beneath you.

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Best The dadalorian the best dad in the galaxy shirt

Yep remove all Pre packed Salads washed in Chlorine and also remove all The dadalorian the best dad in the galaxy shirt water taps from our water system has it’s got Chlorine coming out of them which we are all Drinking. I watched a documentary on this horrendous practice in the USA. Last time I was in the US last year, I steered clear of chicken. If they start it here, I’ll stop eating chicken. The American food standards are abysmal in comparison to what we had in EU. It will be a sorry state of affairs and a huge step backwards if we switch to American standard.

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